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Curtin University

Centre for Smart Grid and Sustainable Power Systems


The Centre for Smart Grid and Sustainable Power Systems focuses on fundamental and applied research to develop advanced knowledge in electrical power engineering.

It focuses on developing enabling technologies in smart grid, innovative solutions for challenges in grid connection of renewable, smart home energy management networks and systems, ICT and Communication technologies applications to distributed automation and control, stochastic capacity estimations of renewable energy sources, power electronics applications in power systems, distributed generation and renewable energy technologies. The aim of the Centre is to develop innovative, reliable and quality solutions to provide both utilities and policy makers with technology options to deliver economical and sustainable energy to customers.

Today's power system is being transformed by an overlay of digital communications and control technology. The new grid is intelligent, self healing and self optimising. The Centre has significant activities in Smart and Sustainable Grid applications and technologies through its programs in "Smart Grid" and "Sustainable Power Systems" that support the following goals:

Smart Distribution:

Smart Vehicle and Energy Storage for Reliable Grid ProgramRenewable

Renewable and Distributed Generation:Wind

Diagnostics and Monitoring of Assets:Trans

ICT Enabled Intelligent Power Systems:Board